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Welcome to ARCH CIRCLE GROUP. Our team is eagerly waiting to present you best support & services which suits you best. We consider our group as a FAMILY where professional and highly capable members are dedicated to providing our clients with the highest level of care.

We hope that you find the Arch Circle Group website informative, easily accessible and visually attractive. We are mission driven group with a visibly defined set of ethics & moral values. We believe ‘CREATIVITY’ is our asset & we define the creativity in our way. For us…
”With small investment bringing out some stupendous output is called creativity”

We encourage our team to encompass a strong sense of purpose, a high level of self-esteem, and the capacity to think clearly and logically. We believe that spirited advantage is largely in the minds of our team members as symbolize by their capacity to turn rational ideas into action towards the accomplishment of our mission.


Who We Are

Arch Circle Group with motto "from simple to perfect" was founded in September 22, 2011.Only the thought was our inspiration that 'There is no short way to success'. We started with small capital but our own idea & confidence were our strength.Arch Circle Group is a group of Companies diversifying Architectural, Interior, Fashion,Agro areas in Bangladesh. This Group is privately owned by some fanatical personalities who are well educated with professional management skills and moral values. Arch Circle Group started their Journey with a commitment of two partners  Managing Director Architect Md. Kamruzzaman Ronnie & Director Tayeeba Jahangir, that is to provide our clients highest quality Architectural & Interior Consultation.At our soul and in our daily practice, we are a service company. Our vast suite of capabilities allows us to interconnect with one another, involve experts at every level, include our clients’ visions and improve each project which we touch. We aim to make a positive impact through our services relationship to our customer. Our small attempt has become successful purposes set out our aspiration in running our business.

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Commercial Projects
Residential Projects
  • Mondol Intimates Ltd
  • Toma Group (Recreation Space)
  • Toma Properties Ltd (6th Floor)
  • Toma Construction Ltd (4th floor)
  • Toma Group (Floor for Chairman)
  • S.M Style Ltd (Smartex Showroom)
  • Skylark Developers Ltd
  • It Grows Division Ltd (An Indonesian Company)
  • Ope Properties Ltd
  • Kona Software Ltd
  • AIDS Office
  • Canadian University Application Center
  • Maxis Mobile Ltd
  • Adonize group (12th Floor)
  • National Life Insurance Company Ltd
  • Adonize Fitness Center Ltd
  • Nik Shipping Ltd
  • Adonize Group
  • Smart Technologies (Bd) Limited
  • Flora Limited
  • Mrs.Jahanara
  • Dr.Kazol
  • Mrs.Bithi
  • Mrs.Sabnam
  • Mr.Anis
  • Mr.Anwar
  • Mr.Basar
  • Mr.Mamun
  • Mrs.Nafisa
  • Mrs.Nurunnahar
  • Mr.Khaledur Rahman
  • Mr.Habib Ullah
  • Abason Developers Limited
  • RMM Group
  • Mr.Masud Alam
  • Flora Limited CHQ (4th floor)
  • IT Grows Division Limited (An Indonesian Company)
  • Flora Limited (Jamuna Future Park Showroom)
  • Flora Limited (Multiplan Center Showroom)
  • Mrs.Farzana
  • Mr.Harun
  • KN Consortium Limited
  • Mrs.Nafisa Kabir